Taking you back to your childhood days... Whatever your mom cooked was delicious! Taste buds added those to 'favorites' ! Because, It contained an element of love towards you...

Moms here presenting you the same taste of mother's. We offer you a casual dining experience, that makes you feel nostalgic about the taste of old times.
We Cook it
With Love

Moms, a crew with craze over food. Cooking is our passion. We love not only to cook, but to serve it with care. This makes the moms flavor different, and this much taste worthy.

Moms is the best restaurant in Palakkad to bring you the real and authentic taste of varieties of Biriyanis in Kerala.

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+9947 370 800
0491 - 2571 261

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  • Mom’s biriyani hotel, Best restaurant in palakkad, Home delivery in palakkad
  • Mom’s biriyani, varieties of biriyani in Kerala, Home delivery in palakkad
Chilli chicken, special dishes in palakkad

Chilli chicken (Gravy)

garlic chicken, special dishes in palakkad

Garlic Chicken

chicken 65, Special dishes in palakkad

Chicken 65

ghee rice, Special dishes in palakkad

Ghee Rice

chappathi, Special dishes in palakkad


Porotta, Best restaurant in palakkad


ginger chicken, Special dishes in palakkad

Ginger Chicken

Rs : 70
mutton biriyani, Best biriyani in palakkad, Varieties of biriyani in Kerala

Mutton Biriyani

Rs : 170
Fish biriyani, Best biriyani in palakkad, Varieties of biriyani in Kerala

Fish Biriyani

Rs : Seasonal
Malabar beef biriyani, Malabar biriyani, Varieties of biriyani in Kerala

Malabar Beef Biriyani

Rs : 80
Palakkadan chicken biriyani, Palakkadan biriyani, Homely biriyani

Palakkadan Chicken Biriyani

Rs : 90
Mom’s beef biriyani, Best biriyani in palakkad, Best restaurant in palakkad

Moms Beef Biriyani

Rs : 80
Mom’s Chicken biriyani, Best biriyani in palakkad

Moms Chicken Biriyani

Rs : 100
Vegetable biriyani, Homely biriyani, Varieties of biriyani in Kerala

Vegetable Biriyani

Special Recipe

Yes, We are passionate! And that's over the art of cooking. We started cooking as a pastime. We explored different ways of cooking. It ranged from traditional to the most modern dishes. And Now, our crew has come up with a place where you can have the most delightful dishes.

Ranging from tasty malabar biriyani to moms special palakkadan biriyani, Moms deliver you all the special dishes in Palakkad. The special taste of homely biriyani and home delivery makes Moms one of the famous restaurants in Palakkad.


Customers, especially foodies are our special guests.We are always happy to serve you the best in the best manner.Here' re some of the many comments we received from our lovely customers.

  • We visited the place with our entire family and had a fantabulous time at MOMs. There was a biriyani for everyone!! Clean and fresh ambience, reasonable pricing, an awesome place for families.
    Vivek km
  • As one foodie to another foodie – this place rocks!!! Great place to indulge in some great tasting biriyani.
  • If you love spicy biriyani then MOMS is a must visit spot in Palakkad. The staff were very attentive and cordial. We felt completely at home.
    Saju mon
  • Beautiful presentation and even better taste. Very cozy and comfortable place to hang-out with family. All of us enjoyed the MOMs Special biryani.
    Babu .k
    Phn : 9447621478
  • So hot and spicy..yummmmmmm..... the special Malabar biriyani was the showstopper. Loads of love to the entire MOM’s team, for giving us a taste of authentic Malabar Biriyani.
    Baiju v.c
    Phn : 9048775885
  • Highly recommended. Homely atmosphere. Pleasant staff and loved the food.
    Phn : 7736472072
  • So many variety for a biriryani!!! Beautiful ambience and very friendly and bubbly staff. The best biriyani in Palakkad.
    Phn : 9995700768
  • A weekend meal with friends at MOMS turned out to be the yummiest experience. The food was made and served with love. The killer aroma and flavour will keep you coming back for more.
    Akshay Raghunath
  • Normally I am not a fan of the biriyanis available in Palakkad, but this place serves the most delicious biriyani with the juiciest chicken pieces.
    Phn : 8714177123
  • Moms biriyani is the best biriyani spot in Palakkad. Lots of variety and fabulous taste.
  • The tastiest biryani I have had so far. Perfect mix of spices and flavour. Definitely gets my thumbs up........
    shilpa s.s

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