Spice Up Your Weekend With

Mom's Biriyani

Nothing beats the taste of an authentic, homemade, Halal and Non-Spicy biriyani prepared with the love and passion of a mom. Our Biriyanis are individually made for each delivery, you know you are getting the best.

Serving the Residents of 

Sunnyvale & Nearby !

Saturday Afternoon


Chicken Biriyani

served with Raita

and Spicy Salan

Saturday Edition


Sunday Afternoon


Chicken Biriyani

served with Raita

and Spicy Salan

Sunday Edition!


~ 12 pm to 1.30 pm

Free Delivery

Craving some deliciously-flavorful, eat-till-last-rice is relished, authentic, Halal and Non-Spicy Biriyani? Order from us now, and we'll deliver right to your home. Serve mom's Halal, Non-Spicy Biriyani and enjoy the experience.

Get & Eat

In The Comfort

of Your Home



Enjoy A months

of Mom's

Biriyani for $A

Enjoy B months

of Mom's

Biriyani for $B

                                      Hungry for Deals?

Relish them Soon

High Quality, Halal 

with Fresh Ingredients

Each of Mom's Biriyani are made with Halal with the freshest and highest quality ingredients. You deserve the best, mom doesnt settle for anything less.

Authentic Non-Spicy

Original Recipe

Mom's Biriyani is all about bringing you an authentic culinary experience. Our recipes are prepared in the traditional dum-style and slow-cooked to perfection by our khansamas.

2021 © Mom's Biriyani.

Made with love and care that only a mom could give.

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