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The Biriyani Mom Answers

Your tasty questions answered.

  • Is your Biriyani Spicy?
    No and Yes. Wait What do you mean "no and yes"? ​ The No answer explained. Our Biriyani itself is very flavorful and not chilli spicy. Many of our customers and their children vouch for this. ​ The Yes answer explained. Customers who wanted some more zing to their taste buds can go for the salan we provide. We have made the salan for the chili spicy-loving customers. ​ Imagine how difficult it is being a mom. A mom has to cater to all her loved ones irrespective of their taste buds. The Biriyani Mom has taken the same route. Respect to the moms!
  • Do you have testimoinals from customers?
    Yes. Not in our site though. Most customers message us to let us know that they enjoyed our tasty biriyani. We feel proud when the complement us, a regular affair. Since we never asked them if we could publish it in our site, we do not have a testimonial section. However, we occosianally request customers to rate us on Google and Yelp. As of July 2021, we have 5 star ratings on Google and Yelp. As of July 2022, we are still at 5 star ratings on Google and Yelp.
  • Do you prepare Vegan Biriyani ?
    Yes. Though we do not prepare it as dish, we make it for party orders or a group order. Check out the review our customer provided for Vegan Biriyani. "Biriyani was super delicious, both kids and adults enjoyed. We requested to custom make it as VEGAN biriyani for our kids birthday party. They agreed to make it with vegan yogurt and taste was so good. We were so surprised with taste and flavor. Thank you so much!" - Prabhu M.San Francisco, CA
  • Where is your Kitchen Located?
    iKitchens, 326, Commercial Street, San Jose, 95112. See the map below.
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