The Biriyani Mom Answers

Your tasty questions answered.

Is your Biriyani Spicy, as in Chilli spicy?

No and Yes. Wait What do you mean "no and yes"?

The No answer explained.

Our Biriyani itself is very flavorful and not chilli spicy. Many of our customers and their children vouch for this. 

The Yes answer explained.

Customers who wanted some more zing to their taste buds can go for the salan we provide. We have made the salan for the chili spicy-loving customers.

Imagine how difficult it is being a mom. A mom has to cater to all her loved ones irrespective of their taste buds. The Biriyani Mom has taken the same route. Respect to the moms!

Where is your kitchen located?

We are located at iKitchens, 326, Commercial street, San Jose, CA 95112